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Smoked Chuck Roast Tacos on the WSM

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So I went ahead and took all y'alls advice and tried out smoking chuck roast.  I figured if they turned out right, they'd make good tacos.  Here's how it went:


I went out and purchased two 3lbs chucks.  Didn't really know what to look for, so I went with the most identical meat selection.  I prepared them like I would a pork butt.  Mustard base and then I sprinkled a cajun seasoning over that.  Let that sit over night.



After setting up the WSM , i cooked these puppies at around 260 degrees for about 3 hours.  Every hour i went and sprayed them down with a beef broth and worcestershire sauce blend. I placed an aluminum pan on the second rack to collect all the juices.  After they both hit a solid 170, i pulled them off and placed them in the aluminum pan, and then wrapped it in foil.  I cooked them until the internal temp hit 202.  All the while, spraying it down with the broth i made.





After pulling them off the smoker, I placed them in a cooler for 2 hours to chill.  The end result was amazing.





Hope to hear some suggestions on how to improve my concoction!!!!  Thanks for all the advice. 

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Congratulations on a successful chuck smoke.  They do great in a tortilla wrap don't they?

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Yeah. They were great with them tortillas. Next time i want to try corn wraps
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That taco looks delicious!


Points for sure!



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Love pulled chuck roast with those juices.. Yum. I make enchiladas with spicy red sauce.. But next time
Tacos... Nice job
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Beautiful Chuck.  And I'm always in for tacos!  Point  B

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Looks tasty,nice smoke!
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Beautiful beef, bro!



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