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Today's Pork Butt

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Being from Texas, we don't really do pork here.  And the places that try don't really do it well.  I've been fortunate to spend a lot of time in North Carolina and there fell in love with pulled pork.  


Here at home I've only tried a pork butt a couple times, and it was just so-so.  So after killing half a-day yesterday looking up tips on here, I threw one on the Hasty Bake this morning.  


Here's the gory details:

     Injection:  Nope, none

     Brine:  Nope, none     

     Rub:  Plowboys BBQ Yardbird rub

     Wood:  a little apple wood (because that's all I had) and a lot of pecan wood

     Spritzed w/ an apple juice and apple cider vinegar mix about every hour.

     Cooked over a water bath


The cook time was pretty quick - 8 pounds took about 10 hours.  The thermometer on my HB (no, I don't know if it's accurate) was consistently around 260-270.  I was afraid it might be dried out, but oh my!!  it was very moist and full of flavor.  I made a vinegar sauce to put over it after it was shredded, but never used it.  Very, very little BBQ sauce was used.  My wife and boys really enjoyed it, and they usually prefer brisket to pork.


Here's after about an hour: 


Here's the finished product, a clean bone, and a nice place with my wife's famous German potato salad and homemade coleslaw dressing.  I regret that I have but one stomach to fill.


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That's a beauty for sure!


Looks absolutely delicious!



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Nice smoke...looks like some good eating. icon14.gif
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Beautiful!!! Well done and that German Potato salad......nice choice!!!

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Man, that's a nice looking smoke. The bark is awesome. I like to run at about 250-275* and I find the results to have a better moisture.

That plate looks wonderful. Love me some German potato salad, Joe. icon14.gif
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That would cause me to wish for two stomachs as well. Salad and slaw look amazing as well. Points to you!!
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Looks like you nailed it first time!

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Nice smoke,never knew Texans weren't fans of pork guess it keeps it cheaper for the rest of us!
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Nice PP! Looks real good.


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Great job!!!  The bark is beautiful and the PP looks very moist.  After a smoke like that, I'm guessing you'll be doing more pork butts.



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