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Graduation Pulled Pork

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Decided to take a shot and do some pulled pork for our daughters graduation party tomorrow afternoon...there will be plenty of food, so i am only out $13 for meat if things dont work out. This is my first so wish me luck.

Got a 8.6lb bone in pork shoulder.
Rubbed with mustard, salt, pepper, brown sugar, all spice, garlic, and chile powder. Now wrapped in the fridge till tonight...planning about 15 hours for the smoke.

I also am saving the trimmed fat and pitting it in a pan above the it drips down during the smoke.

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Sounds good, I allow 2 hours per lb, so about 17 hours.  If its done early, wrap in towels and let rest in a cooler.  Just my 2 cents.  Good luck and good smokin'.

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2 hrs per lb at what temp? Assuming 225....
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I generally cook mine at approx 240.  Usually comes in at about 1 1/2 to 2 hours per pound.



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That's right 225* was what I meant.

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Put it on at 9:00pm @ 240 with Hickory smoke...plan to spray with apple juice as well once things get going.
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0700 update:After 10 hours I am at 176 IT. Gave it a few sprays of apple juice and gonna hit it with juice every hour till done...bark is forming up nicely.

Amazen pellet tray burned all night without issue...MES 40 held tight around 240 as well.
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1200: Sitting at 198 IT...bark is formed nice...hit another brief stall at about 190 IT for an hour or so...should be ready to rest once it hits 205.

Also made some of the finishing sauce from SoFlaQuer....tastes good out of the bottle. I did cut the vinegar portion with some apple juice though.
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That's a sweet looking brisket!


Nice job so far!



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1400: 204 IT....pulled from the smoker and wrapped...into the cooler until 1500 or so.
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Turned out great and pulled with ease...pretty moist and awsome bark...definitely will be doing this again.
Served with Hawaiian sweet rolls and homemade slaw.
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Looks good glad it all turned out for you!

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Thread Starter plenty of compliments. I could not have done it without this forum, it is an absolute wealth of archived knowledge.
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Nice clean bone.  Thumbs Up

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