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brisket help asap!!!

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I bought a 10lb brisket yesterday, trimmed it up a little taking off all the hard fat. I threw the meat on around 12:15am

I woke up at 6:30 am to check the pellets and temperature on the meat and the thicker part was reading 209 temp and the smaller side was reading 180'ish

Someone help me please!! How come it's reading two different temp sides and what should I do??

The bigger side a probe slides easily and the thinner side doesn't slide in easily
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Wrapping towards the end of the cook helps to tenderize as it comes to temp. I would suggest your wrap it tight in foil and lower the temp to 200-225 as the flat comes to temp. Good luck

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Jagfannn, the temp of the smoker has been at 225 since 12am.


I think maybe on the thicker part I have put the prob into a fat pocket?..  


but I will try wrapping it right now and placing it back onto the smoker..  should I put the prob into the flat/thinner side now?


thanks for the help

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Also if it appears dry adding a little liquid i.e. Beef broth, beef base water or beer to the foil will help as well.

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crap I already double foiled it and put it back on the smoker and I forgot to add liquid.


I placed the temp prob into the flat?.. thinner part of the meat and its reading a temp of 165 right now.. guessing that's the part that needs to read 200'ish?

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cook mine to about 160 then wrap and cook to an internal temp of 200-205 for tenderness. Not sure about your probe but the point (thick) end at 209 while the flat is 180 seems off so its all about tenderness now. I would wrap in foil tight (add moister if it feels hard to you), until you can clearly tell its tender by lifting or poking it or the flat hits 205 and then rest (wrapped) for a minimum of an hour. You can make an opening in the wrap to vent to maintain bark or leave it sealed to further tenderize.

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yeah the two different temps is what throwing me off and making me stressed out. I used two different probs check temps and both said the same thing..  I took your advice and wrapped it, its been maybe 30mins so far . I have the prob in the flat part now and hopefully it will fix this problem.


maybe the temp of 209 was because I hit a fat pocket and that where the prob was sitting?.. either way hopefully this works out.. thanks you for responding and helping me out!!

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No worries. Your first post said the flat was at 180 and then you said 165 which is more like it, though I get the 209 temp on the point. Either way, wrapping at 165 should make delicious meat pudding out of it. Just don't forget to let it rest. Let me know how it turns out.

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I just checked the temp on the meat, the flat (thinner part) was reading 205 so I pulled it, I poked in a few area's and it went in like butter just wrapped it with more foil and placed it in an ice chest so it can rest.. how long can I let it rest for?..  after a certain amount of time should I put it in the fridge since I wont be eating it until around 5ish?.. its 9:08 here in california

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If its wrapped and in a cooler, you can let it rest for as much as 4 hours and it will still be hot and ready. I let mine go a MINIMUM of an hour and as many a 5 but if I'm starving i'll let it rest for 2 then dig in.

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I wrapped it at least 4 times, , I'll probably let it "rest" for 3 hour's then place it in the fridge. I really thank you for helping me out!! I will take pictures and let you know how it taste when I try it.
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Hopefully eat some first lol. Post pics, i'd like to see it.

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There is an great post on here about cooking and holding brisket that may give you some ideas if you need to hold the brisket longer. Search the word Franklin (as in Franklin's BBQ) and you'll see Costco Brisket or something like that. Well worth a read

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I have to say thank you again for helping me, it seems a little dry or maybe it's missing the "mop" sauce?.. but I think I did good for my first time
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The flat always seems a little "dry" compared to the point in my (limited) experience. Use it for something besides sammies. The Mrs uses it with gravy & mashed potatoes to die for....
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Yeah I'm thinking maybe some sort of heat spike during the night, the point hitting 209 in 7 hours at 225 seems way off to me. Next time get it wrapped around 160 and it'll be dripping. Looks great though and the taste should be there. Good job

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The taste is good, I wish I did put some beef broth or something when foiling it. Not sure what I should do with the point part? Any ideas?
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Burnt ends!🙌
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