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Smoked *Pulled Chicken* Sammiches

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Don't work on Wednesdays, but since I didn't feel very well. I skipped my trip to the store for a few racks of ribs like I had planned.


However, I do always have those twin packs of chicken breasts in the freezer. Defrosted a pack in some water and let them sit in the fridge for a couple hours.


Started by just trimming the little pieces of fat that remained, had them patted dry.



2 boneles/skinless chicken breasts

Organic Maple Syrup

Jeff's Rub

1/2 oz. Stubb's Texas Butter Injection per Breast


Cherry & Maple Wood Chunks

Water Pan = Apple Juice / Mexican Onion / Orange

Ranges: 225 - 235 Degrees

Time: Approximately 2 Hours


BBQ Pitmasters perfect for my day off? :yahoo:


Seasoned the left, and right got its layer of a syrup before coating with seasoning as well.


Little windy so I used the board to help block out some excess air. My trusty little Lowes Special Smoker...Master Forge I think it is.

Had some stuff laying around, so threw some Mexican onion, orange, and apple juice into some foil as my water pan.

Couple hours around 225 - 235 and they came out beautiful.

Chicken all pulled before adding bbq sauce on.

Moved over to the grill to dry up some of the sauce & warm some buns.

Didn't have much around the house, so threw some chips on the side. We're a picky family, so no coleslaw or anything on top

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Looks like it turned out good! icon14.gif
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Looks tasty! I wouldn't put coleslaw on the top of that either!drool.gif
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Nice job!


The sammie looks delicious!



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Thanks guys :)


after so many years of always doing the typical "chicken, potatoes, corn" dinners. I randomly decided to start pulling and making sandwiches a couple years ago.


Been a favorite around the house. We even have a little deep fryer so I typically make some french fries or tater tots to go with it, and maybe some corn on the side or on top of the meat for convenience. I was just super lazy that day n had nothing in my kitchen to add with the meal. lol



Want to begin smoking small briskets and try to get good at that. do some chopped brisket for beef sammiches :)

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