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I bought a pallet of the firebrick from a local building supply store which brought the price down some.  On the smoker side, I installed them on their sides, which gave me around 50% more surface area.  I figured the firebrick didn't need to be 3" thick on the smoker side.  Here is the site I used for my doors when the couple local welders wanted to charge me $2000 to make doors for me...

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Hello Scott, If you need them assembled this will work, thanks for the share.

However I built my own doors of 1/4" plate with 3/16"x3"  frames from angle iron. I have about $2,200 total invested in my smoke house. I have approx. $450.00 in steel materials. My firebrick was $2.50 each here in Nebraska what is yours each... just curious?




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I dream of having a pizza oven one day..

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Thanks Wes.  My brother doesn't have a fab shop, but he can weld and says he can make them.  Any idea where a cheap place to get steel(?) would be?  Home Depot seems pretty expensive.  Hey while we're on it, same question with firebrick.  Online and at Home Depot they seem to run about $5 ea.  That is going to add up!

I think we've highjacked this thread... sorry guys...


If you can find a  fab shop in your area they should have a stock of what you need.  No idea on cost.


Firebrick,   Is there a local masonry supply close to you. ( A place of business that sells brick, block, sand etc ? Box stores are a rip off on masonry supplies.


You might check the prices on masonry at your local builders supply.    I got mortar there cheaper then anywhere.


Good luck, start a new thread on your build and keep us posted!!

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