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Antifreeze/Coolant Drum

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Sorry for asking but Ive been searching the forum for a while and cant find a good answer. Most uds builds say to do a burn out for chemically used oil drums but mostly all have contained motor oil. Did a craigs search and found a trailer company giving out drums. Turns out they were having an inspection done soon and couldn't have all these barrels laying around. I managed to score a drum that contained (in fact still contains) antifreeze. Closed top.


Doing a search anything Ive read containing antifreeze says to walk away from the barrel as it could kill. Then again this is from 2010 and theres a lot of posts advising against using oil drums (which now seem to be the most commonly used drum). Would my antifreeze drum be safe to use after a burn out?


Also general advise on what to burn in a drum? I can acquire mesquite cheap around here but I don't think the flames will get high enough to burn the top. Maybe if I stack em up straight all the way to the top? Trying to avoid pallets since I'm already a bit worried about the antifreeze.


Is sandblasting similar to a burnout? Can I just get it sandblasted and not have to do a burnout instead? Not sure if sandblasting will help get rid of the dangerous chemicals. Got there late and wasn't able to get an oil drum :/


Please advice

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In my opinion, as long as you burn it good and hot or sand blast your good. I had the dreaded red liner in mine. Burned a load of pallets then took a grinder to it. Then used paint thinner to finish. I have cooked slot of meat in it. No problem
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burn it out with that mesquite., it'll be just fine. No different than washing it good with good soapy hot water. I would have no problem with it. This is Texas man.,right?


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