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Help me impress a girl with my first brisket.

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I will be doing my very first Brisket tomorrow or Friday, I need some much needed advice please.  I have a green mountain pellet smoker. I will be using the Texas Blend pellets.


most briskets I can find are between 10LB to 15LB, how much fat should I cut off? I understand it needs a 1/4th fat cap. I do plan on cooking it fat side down to protect the meat from the heat, I think of it as a space shuttle tile protecting the aircraft.


I need help with the rub/spices.. the spices I have are commercial type and not sure which would be the best.






what type of rubs/seasonings do you recommend or do you have a better rub that would be mouth watering good.



I've read a lot of different threads on this site trying to find the best one I can. any advice would be welcome, cooking temp, wrap or not to wrap, rubs, mops, temp to take meat to,

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Hello.  Here ya go.  Good luck.  Keep Smokin!


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Hey Danny, thanks for the reply. The link has some good tips and advice. I think my biggest worries now are the seasoning.
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I like my brisket to speak for itself. I use salt, pepper, and crutch it. When it hits 190 pull wrap with butcher paper and towels over the top, set in a cooler to steam for 2 hours. The first few times I let it steam to long and it just fell apart. Then dialed it in and now won't do brisket any other way.
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Pretty ballsy smoke...considering it is your first brisket.
You must like this girl a lot if your cooking brisket for her. biggrin.gif
For seasoning I use coarse ground pepper and coarse kosher salt.

Good luck with your Brisket cook. icon14.gif
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