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Yoder smoker question.

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After about three years of not having the time to build a smoker, I've decided to build one. I had a nice plan with an old wood stove and was going to make it reverse flow. But I think I am going to scrap it and buy a pellet smoker. I like the fact that pellet can stay consistent with Temps unattended.

So after looking around online I am leaning towards a Yoder YS640. I am s new smoker but have been in love with BBQ forever. I would love to start entering some competitions.

So to my questions.
1. Would this be a good option?
2. What pellets is suggested for this smoker. I know that with traeger if you don't use their pellets it voids the warranty. Sorry if that is a dumb question.

Thanks for the help.
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Yoder is an excellent pellet grill and would be highly recommended (much more so than a Traeger in my opinion).  They are a bit spendier though.


You can use any pellets in any pellet grill (including Traeger - they cannot enforce the use of their pellets in their grill).  I buy bulk Lumberjack pellets and can get them very cheap this way - $11 a 40 lb bag, but I live only a few hours from where they are manufactured and shipping is cheaper for me.

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Hello BuffsBBQ.


Yoders are excellent pellet cookers...very well made with a very high customer satisfaction.  If you go that route, I'm sure you won't regret it.  


Any BBQ pellets will work just fine in your YS640.


One question: have you eaten any food cooked on a pellet cooker?  The reason I ask, occasionally there are BBQ lovers who don't think pellet smokers put out a heavy-enough smoke flavor.  They burn cleaner than other types of smokers, and definitely produce a more subtle smoke flavor than stick burners or charcoal pits.  So if you haven't tried some pellet-smoked meats, you might want to make it a point to do so before you lay out as much as a couple grand on a new Yoder.


Hope that helps...Thumbs Up



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Thank you both for the quick reply. I am glad to hear Yoder's are good. I have not tried meat from a pellet smoker that is a good point. I will have to seek out some BBQ for research lol yes that is a good excuse research. Where in live in WV I don't have many options. But I am headed to SC in a few weeks to go to the beach so I might be able to find somewhere along the way. I saw on Yoder's website that there is a place around Charlotte that sells them so I am going to stop in and see one in person before I buy. I just want to find a quality smoker that is going to last and produce competition BBQ.
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