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thanks for having me

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The name is Chris and my friends call me flintrock I'm from berea ky I hope to learn and teach others while I'm here I'm always smoking everything when I can it's a passion that I picked up 2yrs ago I started out on a vertical smoker and now a I have a oklahoma joes offset smoker still trying to get used to it.
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Glad to have you with us Flintrock!



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Welcome Chris, glad to have you here.

Lots of folks on here with that same great passion for making good 'que.

I think once you get used to that Okie Joe that you'll love it.

Have fun and remember pictures are good things.



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Welcome to smoking meat forum. This forum will help you a ton
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Welcome from SC, Chris. It's good to have you here.
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Thanks a lot and I have a question idk where to post so after this can you point me in the right direction please and thanks. So I got this new oklahoma joes and when I'm smoking can't keep my temp consistent temp I use wood chunks put when i put them in which it only takes like 4 or 5 pieces and it go's to 300 plus I've played with the air flow and the chimney but yet I still couldn't get my chicken temperature passed 140 internal temp. And it's sealed up
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Welcome flintrock!

The best forums to look under or post for that issue will be under charcoal or wood smokers.

You can also research almost any topic you want with the magnifying glass at top right. Once you click on that just type key words into the box and you'll probably find what you had a question on. Nothing wrong with posting questions though, best thing about here is there is always experienced people ready to help and talk through issues.

I typed in Oklahoma Joe into the search box snd found following link that may give you some ideas.

Good luck!
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Thanks for the help
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