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New member Jomama

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Hi all,

I am from North east Ohio, the Cleveland area. I am just starting to experiment with drying sausage.  I am using prague #2, buttermilk culture, dextrose.I am using a small college dorm refrigerator, I can get my temperature to 52 degrees but my humidity is only at 50%. I tried a pan of salt water with no changed results. How can I raise my humidity level without putting a humidifier in the frig? OR, Once I put the meat in the frig will the humidity level increase to 70% due to the water in the meat?


Any advice would be appreciated ! Jomama, the newbie 

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Welcome to the group!  Glad you joined us.  I've got no sausage making experience but there are lots of folks here with experience.  Glad you joined us.



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I moved this to the curing section so you would get more responses.



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