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Another "newbie" - Backpacker048

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Hello,  I live in  North Carolina and just got into smoking' - like a week ago.  Know absolutely nothing about it except I enjoy eating  the end product.  I've bought several books and gathered several recipes from friends.  I've tried a pork loin that turned out pretty good and am looking forward to trying a bunch more recipes.  I bought a Masterbuilt 30" digital smoker and will soon get the stand to raise it up 16" - that ought to help the 'ol back.


I plan on storing and using it on a wooded porch.  I figured that with the 16" stand that it will set on heat shouldn't be a problem.  Am I correct????  Also, I shouldn't need a mat underneath it to catch any drippings should I???

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Welcome to the forum.


The MES is very well insulated so there will be no problem with heat on the deck.


However I would put some kind of mat under the smoker just because your going to spill things on the deck in front of the smoker.


At least I do, but my wife says I'm kinda messy.  :wife:



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Thanks Al for the answers.


I've got one more question if you don't mind?  I have to restock the wood chips in the tray about every 20-25 minutes.  Is this short frequency standard?  I've also found that after about 3 refills, the smoke quits.  I tried emptying the chip tray, refilled it, and the smoke took off again.  Sounds as if I need to plan on emptying the wood tray after 3 chip replacements????  Also, a lot of the chips are not "burned" thru, they're just a bit charred or blackened.  I've tried reusing them, and they seem to work just fine.


By the way, should I be asking these question on another forum - if so which one?


By the way, I have a Masterbuilt 30" Digital with a side chip replacement "drawer".


Thanks again,



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