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I would like to thank everyone that contributed to my question of a good pellet smoker. I was going to save up and get a yoder, but with all the smokers available, I need to do some more research. I may well end up with one of the other less expansive, that come highly recommended.


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I had a Traeger lil Tex Elite for almost 5 years to the day. The last 15 months it really struggled to keep temps up. Then I had this happen Monday night. It was really quite impressive. Just pulled off a pork butt and had some jalapeno poppers on there. Took the pork in and set it on the counter and walked back out. Thought the amount of smoke looked odd. Opened the lid and that set it off. So hot paint on the outside of the Traeger was on fire. I had just cleaned the thing 2 weeks before.



Now I am in the same position. How long do you expect these to last? I thought 5 years for a Traeger was pretty good. However the GMG and Louisiana grill also have my eye. I have the green light from the spouse.

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Yeah the PID controllers hold temps rock solid, ordered and placed one on my Traeger from smoke daddy, it does not however produce smoke like a smoker should.
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Memphis Wood Fired Grill / Smoker. Have one and love it.



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I purchased a Blazn' Grand slam, the things built like a tank (189lbs) comes with an upper grate and stainless steel front shelf. Done everything from nuts to butts on it, holds temp like a dream!


Give 'em a look.

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My son-in-law bought a Traeger and sent it back in one month because it would not heat at the high temperatures

that were stated.  He then bought a Yoder and is extremely satisfied with it.  After much research I bought 

a Rec-Tec and like everything about it.  It has a PID controller and holds temperature very well.

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