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Smoked Enchiladas?????

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Did an early morning smoke a Chuck roast and Pork Shoulder . Now the shoulder is going to be pulled and vac packed for later use . Now the chuck is going to ho be shredded and made into enchiladas . My question do you think when it comes time to cook the enchiladas I could do them in my MES ?

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I've done them in my WSM a couple of times.


Here's one:


Chicken Enchiladas

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Your Chicken Enchiladas looked GREAT , quick question what kind of wood did you use to smoke the enchiladas ? I was thinking Peach Chips .

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20% hickory and 80% cherry




That was easy to check...


Glad I keep a smoking log... 241.png 

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Thanks , I don't have any Hickory but I do have Pecan so I will mix that with the Peach !!!

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Thanks for the info on smoking enchiladas they turned out Great . I was already pleased with the flavor of the meat . This was my first time using smoked meat in my enchiladas . I saved your sauce recipe but did not use it this time as I already had the stuff for mine . If you are in a hurry my sauce is the following

1 can Red Enchilada Sauce

1 can Tomato Soup

1 can Cream of Mushroom

I promise anyone will like this sauce ,

Thanks again for the help .:77:

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Sounds like a great idea!



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