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Weekend Brisket! w/pics.

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EDIT - started with the dumb question but then it all turned out great!


HI guys,


I fired up a 5 LB flat this morning on a WSM using the minion method.  the temps and smoker are alll working great (225 and holding after 1.25 hours)


I did a bad job of placing my probe in the meat and at 1.5 hours its sayin 135 and it rose real fast for the size of the meat.  Should I bother trying to adjust this or just let it ride for a few hours and use my instant read?



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I appreciate no bashing for this silly question.  Looks like all is on track  165 after 4.5 hours.  should be on schedule.

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Are you going to foil?


Or nekked all the way?


I use my one of my Maverick probes for a general idea of the temperature and use my instant read thermometer for the poke 'n prod test for doneness.

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i think I will foil up for 180-200.  I was going to see how the coals held up.  normally I nekked to the end unless something goes bad with the weather/coals, etc.  I made two last summer (first two ever) and this is the first one of the season and I started to get nervous and then hit the stall and figured we were on track.

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Patience is your best tool with brisket.

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yup. I am moderately new to smoking and the brisket is always a test of the patience.  Looks nice and barked up tho!


Have you ever finished one wrapped in foil or are you nekked till end?

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I've done them two ways. Foiled and nekkid. The next one I do will be wrapped in butcher paper. Just to see the difference myself.


To date, my preference is nekkid. I don't like the softer bark created when foiled. Either way, it's all personal preference.

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So how did it turn out?



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We loved it!  the wife said it was the best one yet (of the three I have made).  at 180 I placed the brisket in a foil tray, added beef broth, Worcestershire, Texas rub, but then the volume was too low - so I added beer to make it up.  then sealled in foil and placed on the gasser at 300ish for 2 hours till it hit 205 IT, then foiled separate from the juices for an hour in a cooler.  very juicy and peppery!  the reduced steaming liquid made an outrageous dipping sauce.  Here are a couple pics, but soon as I started eating the picture taking ended and a food come took over (sorry).


my WSM is a 14" model, so trimming was required.





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