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Originally Posted by Wade View Post

LOL - He was standing on the bed of the trailer whilst I was standing on the floor. I tried to get him to stand in front of it but in that pa\rt of Texas they didn't seem to speak English.

Just pulling your leg!
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Hi Toon, those ribs do look a bit Skinny.

I would not do 3-2-1, try 2-1-1 or something similar 2-1-1/2
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Thanks wade i will try that next time. Tomorrow i will try cooking my skinny ones for a little less
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Originally Posted by Smokin Monkey View Post

I would not do 3-2-1, try 2-1-1 or something similar 2-1-1/2

That's great to know. Planning my first ribs soon and was going to go for 3-2-1 but will do 2-1-1 instead. Thank you!!
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Ribs are good. They are very forgiving.

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Ok so today i tried some ribs again whilst smoking a pork shoulder.

These ribs were thinner than the last ones i tried. Oh dear.

I did a 2-2-0.5 method. They came off 10 times better than the last batch. I know i can improve them more and try playing around with flavours now. The plus side of the ribs being so small is the smoke ring goes right down to the bone.

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Good looking ribs. Don't be too worried about the smoke ring as it is cosmetic. It does not affect the flavour and is not actually caused by the smoke. It is always nice to see one there though.

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Glad to see they turned out far better than your last cook.

Cooking like this is not Black & White. You have to look at your cooks and adapt, times temperatures etc. If you where cooking the "Meaty Ribs" from Bookers, then, yes 3-2-1 method. Skinnier ribs cut the times down.
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Hello.  Please don't misunderstand my earlier post.  I was not commenting on anyone's ribs in particular.  I was commenting on cooking ribs in general and my own personal tastes.

I agree with Wader and Steve in that there is not 1 HARD FAST rule for cooking ribs.  Cooking times and temps need to be varied.  I also know MANY folks like using rubs and such.  I was only commenting on my way of cooking/eating ribs.  As I have stated MANY times; a person needs to find the method they and their family enjoy and THAT is the correct way to smoke ??  wildebeest or whatever it may be.

Wine is a good example.  White wine with white meat and fish, red wine with red meat is the "rule".  What if you don't like white wine?  SO HAVE RED, and to heck with the "rule".  Same for smoking.  Learn the basics and then "tweak" it to your tastes.  Keep Smokin!


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Thanks for tips chaps, def in process of rigging up a deflector of some sort next week :)

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Originally Posted by ToonarmY View Post

Where does everyone in the UK source their pork ribs for smoking? 


I normally get them from the local Morrisons supermarket but unfortunately the cuts they have are never very big. I have also found doing ribs on my smoker, they tend to turn out quite dry. I tried the 3-2-1 method last time, it could be the cuts are too small, cooking too long and drying out quicker or that I should maybe baist them more to keep the meat moist.


Below is my previous attempt at ribs. Im hoping to have another try tomorrow and would like to improve them:


Any tips would be greatly appreciated 



I get mine from bookers Cash & Carry, they are called meaty ribs.  The last lot I bought were £25 for a 10 kg box

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