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Insulation For new cabinet build

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Anybody use 1 inch insulation in a cabinet build ? I have materials hanging around to start a cabinet build, but to be able to fit chafing pans in it I can only use 1 inch insulation in the cook chamber section of it, I can use 2 inch in the Firebox no problem, Using 1 inch in the upper area lets me build it without buying anything other than the insulation which I can get locally in both widths. I finished my 120 gallon bottom feed and want to build something different !:help:


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ROXUL 1" batts would work very well....  they are fire proof.....

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Thanks Dave, I haven't done a vertical cabinet yet, and want to be able to put regular chafing pans in it, 2" roxul was no problem in the Firebox area, But 2" in the cook chamber left me 1" too short to fit the pans, I just needed to know if 1" would give me enough insulation in the cook chamber to hold temps, I'm restricted to 24 by 24 by 48 inches for the build, you'll see why when I post the build Pictures.


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If 1" is all you have room for......    What are your choices....  You have to use 1"......

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Some insulation is better than none, even if the 1" is just an air gap between the inner and outer metal.  Heck, the new super Weber "egg" only use air for insulation between the two metal layers, so there is proof that concept has some value.  But more is better, even if it's 1".


The potential penalty if it's "not enough" insulation will only be higher fuel consumption to keep the pit at the desired temp.  Insulated chambers are more stable and tend to drift in that higher/lower band less.   But, It's not like the smoker will not work.


Also if you have some 2" roxul left over, you can split it into 1" fairly easily.  Might as well use what's on hand if you can.

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I only had to use 1 inch in the cook chamber door,and the backwall of the cook chamber area, the whole firebox area, and the sides of the cook chamber can be 2 inch, I'm building the smoker from the outside in using a 2by2by4ft 16gauge Job/box as a start.

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I use 1" foil face hard foam insulation board in my smoker build...cook temp gets upwards of 250 while the exterior remains cool to the touch or very near ambient temp.  In the sun here in Florida that can be 100+ smoking or not.

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