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Vacuum packing

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I recently ground up some pork and venison to make some sweet Bologna. I then realized I need to use my dreaded grinder with the "stuffer" attachment. Total brain fart. I tried this last year and it was pretty miserable. My questions are
1. Are there any tricks to make an already crappy grinder stuff better?
2. If I were to hurry up and order a vertical stuffer how long would I be able to hang on to the mix? I already have all the seasoning and cure mixed in? I have the ability to vacuum pack as well. I have 15 pounds total mixed up.
Any suggestions would be great guys. Also I forgot to mention I don't have the ability to run to a store for a vertical stuffer as nobody around me sells them. Thanks again!
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I would think that as long as you're using a cure and keeping it refridgerated it should be ok for a few days. It may be a little stiff, but you can add a tad of water to soften it up for stuffing.
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You could vacuum pack and freeze, and take your time finding the right stuffer at a good price.
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