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MES40 and AMNPS question

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I withdraw my earlier question - of course right after I posted it I found the exact answer I was looking for.  

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Sorry to ask this.  I know taste is different for everyone.  AND - I have searched a gazillion old threads off and on today before I asked this.

I have been using my MES40 for about a year now as my primary smoker.  Mostly use chips but find some of the fattier and bigger cuts of meat that I smoke lack good smoke flavor that I get with my old-school Brinkmann Smoker (Serial #1146).  So I bought a 12-inch A-MAZ-N tube smoker about 8 months ago and Traeger pecan pellets.  Everything works fine during the smokes.  The Traeger pecan pellet smoke tastes a bit off - actually it tastes odd.  Not creosote odd - but off-putting odd.  Reading a gazillion posts today - I think it is the fillers in the Traeger pellets.  

Here is the question...
What is the best tasting 100% all-hickory (or whatever wood I want to use) pellet with no fillers, flavorings, oils, etc. that I can use to create an authentic wood smoke flavor?  

I saw some on the A-MAZ-N that any good?
Traeger pellets are two thirds Oak or Alder depending which coast they"re made in of their two plants they have and one third the flavor on the bag. Since pellet smokers use the pellets for fuel and flavor they need a hot burning low ash forming hardwood. I have Traeger Pecan and Apple and like them both. I like 100% pellets from A-maze-n Products where your AMNTS its from and has 100% Hickory and Perfect Mix (Apple, Sugar Maple. Cherry and Hickory.) Which is similar to Todd's Pit Masters Choice (Hickory, Cherry and Maple.) Try out Todd since he's a sponsor here on SMF. Go the bottom of this page and find A-maze-n Products and use the current coupon he offers for us members.
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