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Attempting a pork shoulder roast

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Havent posted in a while, but have found the time to try one of these out.

Didnt document the pre on the smoker process, but started with a 9lb pork picnic shoulder. Should of done a bit more reading but oh well. Have it a rinse in cool water then rubbed it down with a store bought pork rub. I Forgot about the mustard, next time. Wrapped it in plastic, put in fridge overnight.

Got smoker to 220ish, using last handful of pecan, and rest of smoke will ve apple. I applied a bit more rub and tossed onto smoker. Got some apple juice to spray onto it every hour or so quickly while adding more wood chips.

I have it on the rack with fat cap on bottom, is this good or should it be fat side up?

Unsure if im going to foil it or not, guess ive got plenty of time to read thru others logs n decide on it.

Im 2 hours in, its already 95 degrees out at 11am, off to get some cold IPAs to marinate myself with
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Looks like it is coming along nicely. I usually put the fat cap on top so it has a natural base, but that is just me. I do not like to foil it, because I love a nice, crusty bark. These are just my preferences.
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Well shoot, hour 4 and my maverick hd8 probe is donezo. Its been acting up last few uses but now got the LLL death code for temp. From previous experience on hot ass days, my masterbuilt 30" propane holds 200 degrees when turned all the way down.

Unless i can figure somethin out gonna have to wing it i guess. Have a cheap analog thermometer i can use to monitor IT of meat. Ugh.
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Just over 5 hours in
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No worries..looking good. I put mine in a little over an hour ago. No thermometer lol.
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Thanks...ive had to wing it before n go off the smokers door thermometer before th3 maverick. Its pretty accurate, most time ive checked vs digi one. Anyway, 7.5 hours in. No smoke for last hour or 225?

Gettin a bit marinated myself
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Lookin nice, wish i could get marinated but i decided to have gastric bypass so most of the old life is gone. Still love smoking food for everyone though
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Damn, boy was i off expecting an hour per pound. Heres it yanked after about 15.5 hours @ 200 IT. Quite a dark bark? Not sure how it looks to you pros out there lol.

Threw it on a pan with light foil tent and resting for about 30. Be eating by 130am haha [IMG]
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