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Turkey drummies WIP

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So this will be a work in progress thread, just to raise the drama! Pics to follow on Monday, suspense!

So I picked up 8 nice big turkey drummies and they are currently brining. My first ever brine! Fairly newbie smoker here...

Shoutout to Chef Jimmy J, I'm using your brine recipe. All I can say for now is WOW. It smells amazing!

Going to pick up applewood chunks and smoke tomorrow afternoon. My stomach is growling already, this may turn out epic. Going to run around 300F until I hit IT of 165. I'll see how crispy the skin is at that point and may throw them on the Genesis to crisp them up. Still wishywashy on sausing, see how I feel tomorrow...
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Love them legs! This should be a great smoke! b

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I'm in!



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Chef Jimmy's Brine mix






Olive oil with rub (no extra salt added) Garlic, Paprika, black pepper, thyme.





Finished product nearly 3 hours in applewood. Very slightly overdone, still very juicy and OMG the flavour! All the way to the bone!






All in all, everyone loved it and I'm definitely brining again! Smoked the bacon wrapped potatoes above the drummies, all that nice goodness dripping over them. The potatoes were a hit too!


Thanks to all the ideas I gathered from this great site, we had an amazing meal.

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