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Round or Square?

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Just a general smoker design question. What is best and why, a Round bodied smoker or Square bodied smoker?

What's the pros and cons for both?
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I think a round smoker is better, because it the smoke rolls better in a curved surface than a square surface, but really i have owned both. i really could not tell the difference between the taste of the food. that's what it is really about,i know there are different opp ions about this subject.


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Cheers Danny, just that most stick burners on here are round, but have square fire boxes. Must be easier to fit two square boxes together and much easier to fit racks in?
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If you ask Ben Lang he will say the cooking chamber should be round so the moisture runs around the sides & down in the bottom instead of dripping on the meat.



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Very good point Al, I did not consider that. I've always done round simply because it is easier to get steel pipe than plates of steel for me.

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