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New Guy Check in

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Hey everybody, I'm new here and new to smoking. I just bought an MES 30 after reading through this forum for a few days so I'm already learning a lot from you fine folks and hope to learn more as I go. I live in Halifax Nova Scotia Canada and work for a waterworks distribution company (think fire hydrants and pipe) Probably going to attempt my first cook this weekend, does anybody have a good suggestion for a starting point ?
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Go to bears Step by Steps. He has done an awful lot for cooking with the MES. I turn to his steps often for info. He won't let you down.
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Welcome to the forum!


Yep, Bear is Mr. MES.


Good luck with your new smoker.



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Thanks guys, I found Bear's step by step guides and I'm going to try some chicken thighs and some ribs this weekend.
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