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Hello from Kansas

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I thought I posted this once but it didn't go up for some reason, I am from Northern Ireland and settled here in Kansas 16 years ago. I work in Law Enforcement a job I never thought I would do! I have been to many BBQ's and watched my friends and family smoking various meats and decided to take the plunge, Just got my first smoker 2 weeks ago, (Green Mountain Daniel Boone) the reason I picked that one is all my friends have em' and love em'. I have been trolling through YouTube looking for ideas but the views are very different on temperatures and such, kind of confusing. But I am sure with a little coaching and advice I will get there. Thanks in anticipation of any tips or advice!

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Welcome to the forum. I have found every piece of advice I could ever want here. Don't be afraid to use the search function and more importantly post pics pics and more pics!
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