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AMNPS in Canada?

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Anyone know of online retailers to purchase an amnps in Canada? Ive only found one and it would have been around $80....
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Above is a link from Amazen's website which shows dealers in the USA and Canada.

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I got it from the world largest bbq store...located not in the Carolinas, Texas or Kansas Ontario

C$50 nowadays
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If you're in the west Barbeque Country in Edmonton carries them, and they ship too.

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Closest retailer to me is Nepean and they were charging $22 for shipping. I was hoping there was a major retailer that sold them so I could get free shipping but it looks like they're only carried in smaller shops. Next time I'm in Ottawa with some spare time I'll go buy it in person. Thanks everybody for your replies.
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So I bought it from Nepean and used it a couple times. When I'm cold smiling it works fine - lots of smoke , no problem. But as soon as I turn on the heat the smoke quantity drops to the point where it is pretty much useless. I'm thinking it's the airflow because when I pill it out it starts generating more smoke again. I've tried a few different placements, have the top vent fully open, and have tried different levels of open trays and chip loaders. Any advice?
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What smoker do you have and where are you placing the AMNPS?

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MES 30" I've tried various positions on the bottom rack and direct on the water pan (it is empty).
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You might consider doing a mailbox mod.  That's what I did for my MES40.

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