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Howdy from Wyoming

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Just wanted to say Hi to everyone and introduce myself.  I currently live in the great state of Wyoming where smoking can be a challenge with our long, cold, snowy winters and howling winds.  So I make the most of my smoker from late May through September.  We started smoking last summer with a propane gas-fired smoker.  So far I've only tried trout, catfish and salmon as we are completely crazy about smoked fish.  Yesterday I found a large bag of frozen chicken thighs and legs in the freezer so I am going to branch out and try some poultry in the smoker later in the week.  I have Jeff's book and want to try his recipe for marinated and then smoked thighs/legs.  Has anyone made that recipe yet?  Any tips of smoking chicken would be great too.  



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Welcome to the forum Nikki!


Glad to have you with us.



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