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Cold Smoke House Design and Heat Source

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So I am in the beginning stages of designing an outdoor wood smoke house.  It will be on the smaller side.  Maybe a max of 30 inches square by about 4 to 6 feet tall.  I want to do cold smoking up to a max of say 100 degrees at most.


My main issue right now is coming up with a low heat source.  One idea that has come to mind is using a Bradley pellet burner/feeder than comes on their smoker boxes and then adding a Bradley Cold Smoker Adapter.  Th Adapter is basically a box that goes between the burner and the smoke house. 


Mainly wanting to smoke salmon, sausage and bacon.  I would probably use an A-Maze-N smoker tray in the lower smoker box compartment when not using the Bradley.  I was wondering if this would be a very good option for smoking at very low temps w/ just the smoke and temps that are a little higher for things like summer sausage and such.  I think I mainly like the automated aspect of the pellet burner.  It looks like I would be able to get the temps down low with this set up. 


Sorry if this seems odd.  I'm just doing a little brainstorming. 



Not sure if I can link other sites and I apologize if it's not allowed. 


Pellet Burner


Cold Smoker Adapter



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Welcome.....   Sounds like a good sized smokehouse for what you want to smoke....  May I recommend electric for the heat source...   Generally, you want to get the "cold smoker" above ambient so it will flow air through a natural draft...   You also want to keep the humidity lowered, which the temperature will take care of...

Todd Johnson, a long time member here, has designed and built some great smoke generators...  I have used his designs for years and am very happy with them...

There are many designs of smokehouses on here but you seem to have that under control...  

There are many temperature controllers on the market... some will control heat and cooling...   some will even "learn" for more accurate control...  If you add humidity control, you can use the controller to make fermented sausage products...    with blue tooth, you can watch the Hawks at your favorite watering hole and control the smoker...


You may already be aware but here's a little blurb on cold smoking.....


As a rule, smoking meats pretty much requires using nitrite to prevent botulism...   Cure #1 is a salt and sodium nitrite (6.25%) mix which can be added safely by home smokers....  I recommend an electronic grams scale with a range of 0-100 grams at 0.1 accuracy....   About 8-$10....   it also is great for adding spices and herbs, accurately, for repetition in making sausage etc....  


There are many knowledgeable folks on this forum that are willing to answer your questions....



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I agree with Dave. An electric element would be best. The 1500 watt Bradley replacement paired with a Aubern Plug and play PID would give you a am great set up. Both have been discussed here.
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