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Memorial day brisket WITH Q VIEW!

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Well guys, this was my second brisket ever, and I have to say with a few tips from this site this brisket kicked my first ones butt.  This was possibly the best meat that ever went into my mouth!  Tender and juicy with GREAT bark and smoke flavor!  AMAZING is an understatement!  Here was my method:


After trimming up the brisky, I made 2 rubs...I like meathead's big bad beef rub, but due to him leaving the salt out of the recipe, my first brisket needed WAY more sale.  So, I mad a dalmation rub and hit both sides of the brisket.  No water, no mustard, just the dalmation.  Then, I made a batch of the big bad beef rub and left out the pepper and dusted the brisket with that on top of the dalmation rub.  Setup my cooker up to 225 with a full water pan and 3 chunks of Cherry.  Meat went on fat cap up at 10:30PM Saturday night and I let her rip!


I added more wood about every 2 hours or so, and tried my best to keep temps steady and my water pan full.  I want to do a needle valve mod to the smoke vault...if I move my valve the slightest hair, temp jumps from 215 to 240.  Anyway, I kept the smoke on for the first 8 hours.  I fell asleep during the night and had 1 temp spike up to 270 for about an water pan went dry!  Didn't seem to mess up the final product.


At the 8 hour mark, my bark looked GREAT...nice and black like I was looking for, so at that point I wrapped it up in butcher paper and put it back in.  Back to bed.  At 8-9am, I started to panic a little.  My stall was non existent.  my temp was already at almost 180.  Maybe that hour long spike to 270 pushed me thru the stall?  By shortly after 9AM the brisket was up to 188 degrees!  I thought it was going to be finished WAY wasn't.  I took 3 hours after that to hit 195.  I pulled it to have a look and that brisket jiggled perfectly...probes slid in like butter!  Here is how this beautiful hunk of meat looked right off of the smoker:



After my photo session lol, I wrapped it up and put it in the cooler for a rest.  It stayed in there for about 3.5 hours.  at 3:30, I removed it from the cooler and sliced her up!  Here is the flat:



you guys already know what I did the the point....cubed it up, threw it in a foil pan along with juice from the wrap AND some juices from some baby backs that I cooked.  More rub and some BBQ sauce then back into the cooker for 2 hours:



Needless to say, My friend and I fell into a full on meat coma an hour later.  It was a great weekend and a great cook!  Best brisket yet, best ribs yet as well.  

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WOW!  Everything looks great!

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The brisket looks fantastic!


Great job on your second try!





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Good job on the Brisket. Looks good. And its your 2nd ever? Looks like your off to some good smoking this summer.
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Great job on the brisket. Burnt end look fabulous.

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This is the definition of food porn! Great looking meal
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