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Birthday/Memorial Day Grilling

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My son's birthday coincides with Memorial day so we combine the two every year. This year the local supermarket had sirloin on sale for $2.99/lb, so steak it is-


On direct for the sear, using Royal Oak briquettes and a litlle left over lump-



Then moved to the side to cook indirect-


Cooked to an IT of 135°, then rested for about 10 minutes-


My plate, those are "crash potatoes" one of Ree Drummond's recipes


My son loves blueberry pie, in fact he usually requests a birthday pie instead of cake


This was my second piece:icon_lol:


A most delicious meal at the Carter's today, thanks for lookin'.

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That sure looks like a tasty meal, nice job ! icon14.gif
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Now that's a meal!drool.gif
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Awesome looking meal!


BD.gif  to your Son!



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Hey Cliff, tell him happy birthday from East Texas, Nice looking meal  .............    Points !!



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Thank you all for the kind words, best wishes and the points, I hope you all enjoyed the holiday thumb1.gif

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