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Memorial Day Smoke

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Just started smoking a Meatloaf and whole Chicken for the first time ever. MES at 250 already smelling good around here.

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Once you begin smelling everything in the smoker...


That's just the beginning stage of the "smoker's patience" test... :tongue:




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Have a question. Did I screw up my chicken by Brining it in a stainless pot instead of plastic or glass?????? 

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Nope. I use stainless steel bowls to brine.


Copper or aluminum on the other hand... are a no go for brining...

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Be ready...'re going to ruin yourself for baked meatloaf ever again. :icon_cool:

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Good luck with your smoke, I'm sure you'll do great ! icon14.gif
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Dinner turned out great. Used 1lb ground beef and 1 1/2lb ground pork for meatloaf. Next time I will use more ground beef. Wasn't sure




if I was getting enough smoke from my MES but it came out perfect. 

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Great looking meal!


Nice job on your first try!



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