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Greetings from Virginia

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I am from the Fredericksburg area of VA, and am pretty new to smoking in never.  I have always been an avid griller and can cook some mean chicken and steaks, but wanted to expand my horizons a bit after stopping at a few of those road side BBQ joints and falling in love.  To be honest I have been stalking the forum for a few weeks getting ideas and reading reviews...lots of great info here.


A bit about me:  Well first off I love to spend time with my family, fish, hunt, and drink quality craft beer :)  I hope to add smoking meat to the list soon.  I have a pretty busy life that does not always give me the luxury bird dogging long slow cooks, so I went the sit it and forget it electric smoker route.


My equipment:

MES Gen 2.5 Bluetooth

AMNPS 5x8 (Just in case...seems popular)

Weber Summit (propane grill)

Weber Kettle (charcoal)


I look forward to hopefully share a few good smokes and learn a few new tricks of the trade.

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Welcome to the forum.


Plenty of MES guys on here to help you with your new smoker.



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Welcome to the site!  Sounds like you've got all the bases covered with your equipment.



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Thanks for the welcome.
Todays adventure will be some boneless/skinless chicken breast, wrapped in bacon, and stuffed with feta cheese....hope to have something good to show in forum.
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Sounds tasty!  :drool



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I will post some Q view in the forum for everyone to drool over...all i can say is they are looking good and smelling great right now. Used a hickory and apple wood mix
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