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Pork loin vs "boneless ribs"

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I have a 3 pound pork loin that's needing to be cooked up. Someone told me that "boneless ribs" is just the loin cooked like ribs. I've been searching a bit on this site and Google, but not really coming up with anything. Are these rumors true, and if so do I need to do anything special to my loin in order to smoke up some "boneless ribs"?

I did a regular smoke on a loin last week, following a recipe on Jeff's main site, and it turned out great, but I'm intrigued by this boneless ribs concept, since I've only ever had them once as an appetizer at an Applebee's or something.
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I think what your talking about is country style ribs. They are cut from a butt. I think the loin is too lean to cut in strips & smoke.

It would dry out. Better to stick with the method that you used before, and get a butt for your boneless ribs.

Maybe someone else will come along with a better idea.



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