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Quick Seared Rib Steak

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This is a variation on the BBQ Pit Boys "Dirt Cheap T-Bone", recently posted on Youtube. where you cook using only the charcoal starter.

I just happened to have a rib steak handy. I've actually seen this technique before; a local pitmaster demonstrated it during a free bbq class at my local library a few years ago. But the Boys added the toppings, which was pretty dang good.


You start out with a starter about 1/2 full, and add a grate. This came out of my MES 30. (BTW, that Weber grate did get cleaned after this cook.)


Throw on a cast iron skillet.


Add 1 chopped onion, 1/2 lb sliced mushrooms, some butter, and SPG.


Getting both the steak and the cook ready.


Toss it on, and sear both sides.



Now this was the part that had me stumped. How to cook the steak through without incinerating the outside. That's where the Pit Boys came up with a great low-tech solution. Toss a big rock into the starter to lower the heat.


Worked like a charm.


A little reheat on the veggies...


And the steak is a perfect medium throughout. 




And dinner is served. Oh man, as the Pit Boys say, "It's guuuud!"

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Been wanting to try that ever since I saw it done the first time.


Maybe tonight is the night!





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Woooo weeee that looks so good. Awesome steak. B
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