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Smoking tips

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This is my smoker.(60"×22") I usually use the rotisserie. I made a grill for it. Between the grill and fire is a baffle (55"×12"). What do you think would be the best way to use it? I've had good results with a small fire in the centre. Just looking for advise.
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Hello.  For the  rotisserie you are using it correctly in my opinion.  If you are cooking 1 chicken then the fire needs to be under that chicken.  If you are cooking 5 chickens then the fire needs to be spread under the  5 chickens.  Keep Smokin!


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I only do pigs on the rotisserie. It's a ribbed cradle that holds it. The baffle makes the heat go up the front and back. Not directly up. But I assume the baffle gets hot and spreads the heat around.
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