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Smoker rebuild

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Hey guys n gals,figured id share a few pics of a little smoker im renovating,currently waiting for a pid and some other gadgets to come via mail,let me know what ya think:)[IMG][IMG][IMG][IMG]
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Having some issues uploading pics,but u get the idea,have temporary smoke generator in it now for seasoning,rest of parts should be here next week.It used to have styrofoam insulation in it,kinda scary when i tore it out:/
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I see you figured it out...    Removing the foam was the best thing you could have done...  Maybe this smoker has had all it's "bad luck" used up...

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Thx Dave,and i sure hope ur right!
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Looks like a great project!



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Thx Al,will have some smoked meat pics soon!!:)
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