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Chicken over ribs

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How do you guys feel about cooking chicken I've ribs. Ribs been on three hours put chicken on to cook approximately three hours.
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I would put the chicken under the ribs.
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I would not want chicken juices falling on the ribs. Can cause contamination  Chicken needs to be handled carefully.

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That's a big no no.


Ribs dripping on chicken OK.


Chicken dripping on ribs not OK.



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I never put poultry over anything that's not covered, then I'm very careful handling the wrapping.
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No room for ribs on top. I did food delivery for years had chicken blood soaked gloves most days. You know restaurants put their butts brisket ribs and chicken on same rotisory smoker. 😱
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You might want to check out Post #3 in this thread:


Having said that, pork drippings on chicken would sound tastier than chicken drippings on pork? Don't ask if I could tell the difference?


Good luck and good smoking.

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