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New Guy from Alaska

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Hello all!!! ...Damn I love the internet sometimes ...All the different places you can go to learn ..I'm Just a guy that loves to BBQ and recently have purchased a Traeger pellet smoker and cold smoker ...What the hell took me so long ..I have smoked before on the other grills that I have but damn this makes easy.  I will make mistakes and I will make OMG food but with these kind of forums it has opened up a whole new world and I have the bug.  Thank you all in advance for all you have learned ..All your mistakes and OMG's ...

After I really get going I will post pictures of my food ...This time home (aka I work 2 weeks on 2 weeks off) ..Wife and some friends are having a rib cook off ..LOL ...But before I go...A little parting shot to my friends in Texas . ...



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Welcome to the site AK BBQ-ER, this is a great place to learn.  As a matter of fact this morning I learned that there's a Houston in Alaska too.  Good luck and good smokin'.

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Welcome to the forum.


Glad to have you aboard!



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