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Multiple rubs

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I have been watching a lot of BBQ Pitmasters and I have noticed that some of the guys on there use 2 rubs. A base rub and then a secondary rub on top.


Any advantages? I try and do what Robby Royal @ Rescue Smokers does, I like this style. I just don't know if having that many layers of spice helps the smoke.

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I think it all comes down to trial and error they practice and perfect what they want in there rubs, the advantage is only there when you like the results. Think of it like your eating dinner you may add salt and pepper to your food which was already seasoned. You could say there just kicking it up a bit.
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Personally I think you can get carried away with the multiple rubs & sauces on ribs.


I say keep it simple & taste the pork.



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