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First time

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Hi my name is Dave and I live in Medicine Hat Alberta, I am 59 and have been hunting and smoking meat since I was 18. I have built quit a few smokers but finally built the one I wanted. I have access to all the new metal container I want so I took one them used 2x2's to frame the outside them added insulation then finished it off with 3/4" plywood. It is in my garage and piped in to it's own chimney and is topped off with digital controls for the natural gas that is used for heat, it also has a hot plate for smoking most meats or a Bradley smoke generator for cold smoking lox. I also built in a rottisataire [not sure on the spelling ] between my hunting buds and I we usually run off around 1500 pounds of sausage a year. I am looking forward to hearing from you fellow smokers.

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Sounds like a nice custom setup you have there. Welcome to SMF!
If you sometime get a chance it would be nice to see pictures of your smoker.
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Welcome to the forum.


As said above we sure would like to see that smoker.



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Welcome bud:)i tooo wood luv to see some pics of ur set up!!
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I'm new at this so as soon as I can figure out how to add some pictures I will send a few

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