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Pork shoulder practice.

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Going to do a practice run for the kids wedding next month. I'm going to smoke a shoulder tomorrow and hold it until Monday to see how well it reheats. Not sure if I should pull it before putting it in the fridge or not. Going to reheat it and smoke some ribs on Monday. We're getting kinda nervous about making the food, wanna make sure we can pull it off.
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I'd say pull it before the fridge. What are you smoking on? Anyway you can smoke it overnight and hold it in a cooler. Shoulder is super forgiving so there are lots of options.
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Definitely pull it before you refrigerate it.



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What Al said.

I have found that once pulled it gets nothing but better.



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Thanks guys, I've got it going right now. I've got it on my brinkman vertical (charcoal). When I do the meat for the wedding, I'll fill that plus my two older water smokers going. Decided to cook this one up and cooler it to see how long it stays hot. Hopefully its long enough to get it to the park before the wedding, so someone can pull it and get it into roasters while I'm at the church.
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