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Boston Butt?

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Hi All,
Recently bought a pork joint, sold as a Boston butt.

Obviously it's pretty rare in the UK, so I'm no expert on butts, but it doesn't look like one to me.

As far as I know there shouldn't be a socket joint? Also I couldn't find the money muscle that shouldbe on one end.

Anyone think this is a butt?

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Looks to me like you have a Boston Butt, I believe what you are thinking of is a pork shoulder roast that includes the socket joint. (it is the cut next to the butt)


Have fun!

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Guess I should say all the pics are of the same joint! Just wanted to get different angles so people could see.
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There is a socket on the joint. Butts are cut about half way through the shoulder blade aren't they?
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My first reply was wrong, I mis-read your post. If the cut does have a joint then you probably have a picnic vs a upper butt cut. You could always take it back and ask the butcher.

Here's a pic of the different cuts:
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Thanks red. Very helpful. I assume all the pics were butts but from different angles? Was the money muscle in any of the shots?
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