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Memorial weekend

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So let me just start by saying a big Thank You to all you veterans who did what ya did so we can keep doing what we do. So far I've got two butts and a Chuckie going.

Two spatchcocked chickens and some wings to follow later. What's everyone else doing.

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And by the way, I have discovered a huge flaw in my reverse flow design. I have roughly 100 gal in my Cc. There is myself, the wife, and two kids 13 and 14. I'm cooking two butts, two whole chickens, a chuck roast(because the wife turned her nose at brisket)??, and two flats of wings requested by my son. I tend to cook for a small army because there are so many cuts and things I want to try and don't want to waste good smoke. The things I ponder sitting here sipping a cold one after a long midnight shift just watching this thing I built chug along exactly like it was designed to. Love it.
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Lookin' goooooooood!

I'm doing two butts and wings also, plus some fatties and sausages.

With much appreciation to our Veterans!

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Next wave
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Finished view

Didn't get any of the Butts. Was to busy eating by that point. Everything turned out great.
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Looks delicious!


Nice job!



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