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Ribeye Roll

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A local grocer has "whole boneless ribeye roll" on sale. First of all, what exactly is it? Or, is ribeye roll another name for something? Can anyone give me good instructions for smoking it? The meat dept will slice whatever size I'd want. I'd probably only need 3-5 lbs.

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Surely I didn't stump you guys...

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Sure sounds just like a whole unsliced Ribeye. Can you post a picture? I suspect it's a trimmed ribeye. Sliced and you have a Ribeye steak with the fat cap and tail already off. Just a guess.
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I think it's exactly what it says: ribeye. Whole cut, not steaks. Stock up.
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I looked at in on google it looks like a prime rib with the fat and the tail cut off. you can cook it as steaks or a roast season with worchestshire and SPOG,salt,pepper,garlic and onion. Smoke at 225-250 till your desired doneness for a roast or smoke till close to your liking and finish by searing for a steak.
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