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Overnight Shoulder

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So with the beginning of summer and a brand new Costco membership, let's just say mrs P and I have gone a tad overboard. After feeding the neighborhood kids over the weekend we have found ourselves with a large surplus of hamburger buns. Her response? " looks like you need to smoke a shoulder this week." I love that woman! I already had some in the freezer from a $0.88 kroger sale so I'm getting after it tonight.

Looks like this is the picnic section and can't wait till tomorrow. Got my rub made and now I just need to skin it, rub it and start a fire.

Skinned and rubbed and ready to go. It's a shade under nine lbs so I'm going to take it till tomorrow afternoon. Probably about 16 hours or so.

Chimney starting up with two hickory splits pre heating on the grate.

And ignition! Took all of the time that it took to pull up the camera on my phone. I'll let this burn for about ten minutes and then put the water pan in, add water and close the lid. Now for a beer!!
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And away we go!!
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Great start!


Good luck Lance!



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So y'all are comfortable leaving it unattended all night?
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Thank you Mr Al! Just woke up and the WSM is sitting right where I left it. That's always a good feeling. I think I'll take a peek.
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With my WSM, yes. I camped downstairs in the living room and only slept 6 hrs, but I've done this exact smoke so many times that I pretty much know what to expect. From This smoker!
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LanceP thats a nice looking shoulder there, save me a bun.


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Will do Danny!!
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So now that I have stuffed myself, here's how it all came out.

Unwrapped and pulled the bones. Couldn't resist, snuck a little bite.

Initial pull

Mama snagged a bonus and now ready to chop.

Half chopped half pulled, served both. Bourbon sauce for pulled, Lexington for chopped. Plated with vinegar slaw and hush puppies.
Hope y'all have a fantastic weekend!!!!
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2thumbs.gif Nice smoke Lance!

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Looks great,nice job!
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Lance, so I take the skin off of the pork shoulder, the shoulder I have is about 7.5 lbs, how long per pound... thanks dave

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Hey Dave, if it still has the skin then yes, I take it off. As far as how long, that's a matter of who you ask. No real right or wrong as far as I'm concerned just a matter of preference. Internal temp of 200-205 is usually a good start. How long it takes to get there depends on a few different factors. That said I take mine for a long time with a very specific result in mind. Anywhere from 1-2 hrs per pound depending on thickness, smoker temp, foil etc. hope that helps, patience is the key.
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Very nice job on that PP.



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Hey thanks y'all, just had a Sammy with bourbon sauce, quite tasty!
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This looks like perfect pulled pork, Lance. I would love some of that.





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Hey thanks man! We ate the whole thing up in a couple of days!!
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That baby had some beautiful bark on it. I love the ol' overnight smoke for mouthwatering PP the next day.


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