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whats smoking

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whats everybody smoking on memorial day?:pot:


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Been saving a tri-tip, but it's a long weekend and if the storm predictions are wrong there might be a brisket flat one day....
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Not sure yet.   I will be very busy planting corn but I want to smoke something.


Watching for ideas.

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Several of my family will be out of town and it's supposed to rain here Monday, so I'm cooking on Saturday just for 4. I have 3 nice racks of baby backs and about 10# of CSR's. Cindy, her mother, my sister and me. Ribs are our default cook. Everyone really likes Jeff's rub and a glaze of Jeff's sauce with honey and apple juice.

I hope to have a small amount of leftovers to vac seal and freeze. Hope everyone has a good Memorial Day and weekend. Remember our veterans. They are what it's all about.

Joe. smilie_flagge13.gif
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I'll be doing brisket and maybe my first fatty. I like the idea of smoking my breakfast! I think I'll use the trimmings from the picnic I'm smoking tonight for the beans.
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PORK BELLY!!! pig.gif



Let the brining begin... :yahoo:

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Saturday doing baby back ribs. Starting Sunday night I will be doing a brisket. Going to follow a recipe from Bears step by steps. Going to be a good weekend. For all of us
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THANKS TO ALL OF OUR VETS, WITH YOU THIS DAY MAY NOT BE POSSIBLE, i am going to smoke a pork loin, ribs and a spatchcock chicken, thanks to al for a rub recipe,


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God bless America..smilie_flagge13.gif.

ABT's and stuffed shrooms on Friday. 14# packer, SLR, smoked mac-n-cheese for Saturday. Leftovers Sunday and Monday. grilling_smilie.gif
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To get ready for Monday, I'm smoking two butts for pulled pork on Saturday and a 17 lb packer on Sunday.


Monday I'll throw in ten pounds of bologna, a pan of beans, and some ABTs.


Dinner is at 6:30 Monday evening and there will be plenty. If you happen to be around Gideon, OK just stop on by.

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