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Brisket too big for mes30

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Hey everyone. Just bought my first packer. 11 lb trimmed up. It wont fit in my mes in one piece. Should i cut it in half. It would be mostly point one half and mostly flat other half. Or should i separate the point from the flat. Either way ill have to use two racks
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I am not telling you to cut it but I will tell you what I have done.  One was a 10+ pounder and the other was just at 11#

I just folded the top of the flat up against the door/wall as I laid it sideways on the rack.  It shrinks a bit while it cooks and all went good.  I have only cooked two but we were talking about another one this weekend if I can find another ten or eleven pounder.


I am NOT against cutting but I just wanted to smoke a WHOLE brisket.

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Ok thanks. I was thinking of separating them and starting them out on separate racks so they both get good smoke and color then stack them in a foil pan and tent with foil until the flat is done,pull the flat when its tender cube the point and back in the pan for burnt ends.
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Not to be a "Smart-Arse", but I can tell you what I did 6 years ago:


This won't help you now, but I got an MES 40 with window, remote, all SS, and eventually sold my all black (no window, no remote) MES 30.




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