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Combo Gas Grill & Smoker

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Hey folks,

I currently have a small vertical propane smoker that I have gotten a lot of use out of. I like the gas smoker because it doesn't take a ton of babysitting to keep the temperature steady. I am looking to replace my gas grill and thought about trying to find a combo grill and smoker that featured a gas smoker. I have found plenty that have a combo charcoal grill/smoker, and even some that have a propane grill and charcoal smoker, but I'd like to find one that is gas for both. Do any of you know if anything like that?

Thanks in advance!
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Can't think of one. Usually as you saw, gas grill and sfb charcoal smoker. A Pellet Grill would do what you are asking. Hot sear and low and slow smoker plus they are set and forget...JJ

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