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newbie from montreal

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Hi, i finish my diy smoker projet Last week and did my first but saturday. Make somme good sandwich for all the kid and they love it. My only concern is the temps drop and rise, i think im gone use charcoal for heat and only wood for smoke. This week is gone be 4 chiken or turkey, witch one is the more easy and you got recipe? Thanks
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Looks just beautiful


Chicken is easy enough, and cooks fast

My favorite way of doing chicken is the "beer can chicken", this way all the fat just melts and drips off.

I rub the chicken from the inside and outside with magic rub, inject the meat with beer or marinade then smoke them till the internal temperature is 170F. Take them out and grill them in an oven to make it more crispy for 10-15 min.

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Welcome to SMF!


Nice looking build!



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