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Hi from Ontario Canada

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Hey folks, I've been lurking here the past few days doing a bunch of reading and figured I'd join in the fun.  This looks to be a great community with knowledgeable and friendly people so I'm happy to be here.

I bought my first smoker, a master chef vertical smoker, from Canadian Tire 3 days ago for $69.99.  So far I am 0 for 2 (creosote):devil:.  I've been doing a bunch of reading, have ordered a good quality digital thermometer and I've signed up for the 5 day ecourse.  Hopefully the third time is the charm!

I realize my smoker is an el cheapo but I'm stubborn and want to keep at it and master it before even thinking about upgrading to something of better quality.

I'll be sure to create a thread with some pics to share my progress and hopefully you guys can steer me in the right direction.



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Keep up the work Frank! You'll get better! Thanks for joining. B

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Welcome to SMF, Frank.


Keep at 'er!

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Welcome to the forum.


It gets easier, I promise!



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Keep at er bud:)And hello from nova scotia
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Hi there Frank! Welcome from a fellow Ontarian!

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Thanks for the warm welcome and words of encouragement fellas!


I started a progress thread here:


Feel free to check it out, I'm sure I'll be needing more help/advice sooner than later!





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