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I'm sure this will sound like a dumb question... but, I smoked a pork roast yesterday and got the internal temperature to 170. I wrapped it in foil for an hour but as you can probably guess it wasn't ready to pull apart. My question is..can I continue the process after it has cooled, or will that dry it out too much?
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Hey, welcome to the site.  I don't really have an answer for you but you could try reposting this question over in the pork section of the forum.  I have reheated meat by steaming it, that might work for you.  Good luck and good smokin.

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Hey Smokewin!  Welcome to the forum.  I don't know how your post got missed for 5 days, but you can continue the process until IT is reached.  Pork butts are very forgiving!  Hope things turned out okay.



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